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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Imagine ... you are living in an old, old house, actually a huge mansion that has housed generations upon generations of famous people ... Christopher Columbus ... Abraham Lincoln ... Mark Twain ... John F. Kennedy ... Elvis Presley ... Walt Disney .... all these people and more.

Your house is so big, in fact, that it houses all of the world's animals and plants - your cuddly cat, and that tree that has a magical cure for cancer which can save millions of lives! All that is in your house!

But now, your house is beginning to fall apart. People keep stealing things from it, and not returning them. They say, "Heck, we'll just buy a new house - what's the difference?"

They turn the heat up; they turn the heat down. Your plants are beginning to wilt.

Some crazy person made a fire on your beautiful, lush, irreplaceable Oriental rug!

But you can't discard this house and move to a new house! That nice house down on Mercury Drive is hot enough to burn you up in no time at all! It sits in the sun the whole day.

The house around the corner on Pluto Boulevard never gets enough sun. It's cold enough to freeze you to death!

The place across town is the perfect temperature, but it's only a one-room apartment, and everyone in your house won't fit.

And the house the next street over costs so much money to fix up so you can live there, it would take years to move there!

And by that time, your house, your world, the home of all living things in the universe, will be long gone.

So think about it - what are you going to do? Are you going to spend a few extra dollars to save your house, and your world? Is it worth it? Is your only home worth $1000? $2000? A million dollars? I hope so - we aren't just talking about your cat's life, we're talking about the life of EVERY SINGLE living thing in the universe!

So if it isn't worth it for you, maybe you should look for a new home. But I assure you - there isn't one within walking distance from a supermarket. n

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i love this so much!


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