Why Compost? This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

Why compost? Well, there are many great reasons to compost. One is the tremendous impact it has on decreasing solid waste. If everyone recycled in the United States, the solid waste removal would be decreased by 26 percent. The impact that organic wastes have on the trash level of the United States is amazing. It is a great way to help save the environment.

Another reason to compost is that it can save money. Compost is an excellent form of fertilizer that can really improve the home garden. The compost is free, so you don't have to go buy expensive fertilizers.

Composting is easy to do. It can be done in a backyard. The first step is to make a compost site. I chose a nice spot in the woods behind my house where there is plenty of sunshine because the heat helps in decomposition. To start a compost pile, make three walls with two boards across each side and a support post at each corner. To begin the actual pile, gather sticks already broken off of trees and make a layer of them in the compost site. Then find some leaves and grass to make the next layer and finally add a layer of dirt. Your compost pile is ready.

Next is the easy part, separate the organic material such as uneaten food and yard scraps to put in the compost pile. What I do is I have a separate container that I place the organic material in and I empty it whenever it is full. It is really easy and it is helping our earth.

Once the pile is covered by the materials that you have been putting on it, you have to turn the compost pile. To turn the compost pile, all you have to do is mix up the dirt and organic material and add some more dirt, or, if it needs more aeration, put some sticks on top and then cover that with dirt.

I have been composting for a while now, and I can see the difference in the trash level that my household produces. I also know that everything counts and this is one more way in which I am helping to save the earth. You too can help by just starting your own compost pile. n

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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