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   Save Our Environment, President Clintonby K. M., Litchfield, NH

I seriously believe that President Clinton needs to address the following environmental concerns: ozone depletion, animal rights and the effects of toxic wastes on aquatic animals. These are a few of the major problems that are ruining our beautiful Earth.

One of the problems, which is of great concern to many Americans, is ozone depletion. We need to make laws that will help decrease the amount of pollutants (like carbon monoxides) released into the air each year. Several ways I suggest that President Clinton could deal with this problem are: raising tolls for people who drive alone and lowering tolls for cars with more than one passenger to encourage car pools. Pass another Clean Air Act or similar bill, which would prosecute companies that don't cut down on the amount of pollutants released from their factories' smoke stacks, or didn't use a filter or other device, which would decrease the amount of harmful smoke released into the air we breathe.

Another problem that is overlooked in the United States is animal rights. We have so many beautiful and wonderful animals, which companies believe are just fine to test their products on. They know that any human in his/her right mind wouldn't volunteer to do this. Animals can't talk so their lives are taken instead. A lot of people would be shocked to find out how many cute, cuddly bunnies die just so their mascara won't run into their eyes and cause an infection. Here are a few ways I think would help stop the senseless slaughter of animals for our insignificant luxuries: Pass legislation that bans testing on animals, except for medical research such as testing drugs that might cure AIDS or cancer. Set extremely severe punishment for people and companies who test on animals for non-medically related reasons.

Last, I think that the President should look at how damaging toxic wastes are to aquatic animals. A lot of toxic wastes contaminate our fish and marine life, and, if eaten, could have harmful effects and even kill humans. President Clinton, we need to set up strict laws to deal with this problem. No one should have to die because s/he ate fish that was contaminated because some company didn't want to spend money to dispose of toxic waste safely and legally. Also, we should research safer ways to dispose of toxic wastes that won't leak and contaminate our limited water supply.

I hope President Clinton will take these ideas and work toward a healthier environment. Previously people just dumped waste in rivers, didn't care about our animals and drove in cars alone everywhere. Well, it's almost 1994 and let's do something about it. Our forefathers messed it up and now we have to clean it up, and fast. If we don't, our children will grow up in a polluted, toxic and deadly landfill we will have no other choice but to call Earth. Please don't make this horrid nightmare come true.

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