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   Ode to ...

by K. G., Sebago Lake, ME

It's hard to express my feelings toward you. I am angry about how you treat yourself, but when others treat you unfairly, I feel sorry for you. Your environment is not as beautiful as it once was. Many like you have been beaten and lost their will to support themselves, which is a tragic loss for the people who depend on them for survival. You have let people change and influence you, which is why you are sometimes in pain. Your calls for help land on deaf ears. I try to help you, but I feel like the only one. People say that if we leave you alone you can heal yourself, but you have been through so much. When I was young I thought you were beautiful, Mother. Now you are older and so much of your beauty has been stripped away. You have given me a home, food, and clothes, but I can only give you back my gratitude. I try my best to use what you have given me to help others. The knowledge and understanding that you bestowed on to me will help others see what they can go to help you. You helped so many people and yet they dismiss you without thanking you or trying to help you in your time of need. Ungrateful, maybe, but someday, in order to heal you completely, everyone must understand and help you. Mother Earth, show me how to reach the people.

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i love this so much!


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