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   I know that you're probably thinking, This kid is insane. Well, maybe by your standards, but I think that the problem with the deer population in the New York suburbs is important. I do not believe that after all the years of hunting deer for sport, and tearing down their homes to build shopping malls (I'm not saying that malls are a bad thing), that two things are still occurring.

The first is that the deer are not extinct, or even endangered. If we were subject to the same amount of torturing and suffering the deer have been, we would have died out long ago.

The second is that some of our fellow humans still want to kill more deer, because they are annoying us. Maybe they annoy you when they come into the middle of Route 202, but guess whose backyard you're in? That is right, the deer's. The whole area belonged to the wildlife at one time.

Deer are harmless creatures, and besides, they look so beautiful when they are playing in the snow. It makes you wonder, who would even think of killing such a gentle animal, or any animal at all, because they walk in your yard? Think about it. Do we shoot our neighbors because they walk in our yard? Oh yeah, I forgot that some of us do. Remember the Japanese boy who was killed because he was in someone else's backyard and he did not understand the word "freeze"? It just shows how barbaric we can get. We make such a big stink when humans are not treated correctly, but what about the furry little animals we depend on for food? How can we live without animals? First we kill the deer, and then others. We are already killing stray animals. Think about how we are destroying the ecosystem. ^

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i love this so much!


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