United States Air and Water

April 22, 2012
By Anonymous

In today economy, it is easy to use gases and harmful pollutants. There is 3 million tons of toxic chemicals are released by United States factories. In the charts of a 2011 study, the United States is the top polluter of the world. This should be a wake-up-call for us as Americans. We should start cutting down on our fuel outtake by finding different means of transportation. One of the most primitive continents, Africa, has less pollution than us with all its countries combined. United States also has the most homemade pollution than any other country. This term refers to aerosol cans (hair spray, repellents, etc.). All of these pollutants (homemade and gases) destroy the thin layer of ozone that protects us from the universe’s UV rays, X-rays, and gamma rays. These rays are the main cause of cancer, which is why we need to stop polluting.

Water is life. The United States has destroyed many rivers and lakes by polluting it with waste. In 2010 study, researchers found that 46% of rivers and 42% of lakes in the U.S. have no aquatic life and you cannot swim or fish in them. That is a huge problem. Authorities have tried to regulate the amount of waste we put in, but as you can see it is not helping. Causing whole bodies of water to poisonous fluids, we as Americans should take it upon our self to bring this to the government. Imagine, at this rate in 2075, 75% of lake with be refuges for waste. At this horrific note, we have to stop this pollution at all costs. In our homes by not using aerosol, or by just using electric cars we could set our world for the next generation of young minds.

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