The Truth About Fur MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Using animals for food, clothing, as experimental subjects and a host of other things is such a long-standing and widespread habit it feels right to most people. Yet, the animals whose lives are taken to supply the products we take for granted are not things or tools, but sensitive individuals who feel pain, fear and affection.

What do you think when you see your favorite actor or musical artist wearing a fur coat? Do you wonder what animal suffered behind all this? First of all, let me tell you that it takes at least 100 chinchillas, 100 squirrels, 62 minks, 40 sables, 30 rabbits, 27 raccoons, 18 red foxes, 13 lynxes, or 100 beavers just to make one coat of fur.

Fur comes from two sources; it is either trapped or farmed. Fur farms are rarely seen. Animals on fur farms usually live in cages with wire floors stacked in rows, inside or outside, with little roofing. Cages are usually 28 inches by 10 inches by 16 inches.

The fur industry would like you to believe that these animals are treated well and that their death is as pleasant as going to sleep. But it varies from gassing, suffocation, electrocution through mouth or anus or even neck-breaking. Some of the animals go insane from the isolation and environmental deprivation.

Trapping is not a pleasant sight, either. Animals suffer slowly. They often starve or freeze or even tear off their own limbs trying to escape. Some traps are set underwater so that when animals get trapped, they drown. Do you really think this is right? I don't know how people's minds work or how their hearts can bear it? Kill a free and gentle soul; remove its skin and wear it. Beautiful creatures enslaved for their beauty. ^

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i love this so much!

lion720 BRONZE said...
on Jan. 27 2011 at 10:06 am
lion720 BRONZE, Columbus, Indiana
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I am glad to see someone else is concerned about this. I will tell you that I do no respect celebrities that wear fur coats for more reason than one. I will also mention your research is pretty on target, so good job on that. Keep up the good work.


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