The Untouched Waterfall MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Water flows down the hillside in all directions. In some areas it falls in thick sheets from ridges high above. The water is clean, clear, pure and unpolluted. It flows swiftly over weathered rocks and thick moss. Below a bed of rocks lies a small pool. Water bugs walk on the surface of the pool, aimlessly wandering - as if vagabonds - in all directions.

The scene indicates the unblemished purity of nature when not ravaged by human habitation. It represents the vitality, spirit and enjoyment of nature. The air is damp and moist. The smell is of spruce trees which surround the waterfall and stream and of the soggy, wet air. The sound of flowing water is all that can be heard. The water, making its way around, over and through the rocks, makes a beautiful noise.

Green bushes cover the hill where large rocks are not exposing themselves. Below the bushes are signs of erosion where the flowing water has carried the dirt down the hill. The erosion is barely noticeable; the many beautiful aspects of the scene conceal this minuscule flaw of perfection. Moss, drenched in water, covers the rocks and huge logs which lay on the bank of the stream. The moss is light yellow in some areas and dark green in others. Small plants and algae are on the rocks as well.

The whole area brings an uplifting feeling. It is an area to connect with your inner soul and to raise your spirits. A place to sit, daydream and simply enjoy the uniqueness of the peaceful, serene nature which is becoming rare. ^

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i love this so much!


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