Summer MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   The warm summer breeze brushes against my face. The smell of sweet flowers perfumes the air and adds innocence to my surroundings. The touch of morning dew on grass invites the cleansing of a new day. The sound of birds in song envelop the young at heart and fills my soul with happiness. The summer gives birth to another sunrise casting light to world. The sun radiates the warmth of a thousand years past. Small flowers and tall trees sway in the ever-present power of wind. My eyes capture every moment like a dream in motion and feasts on the vibrancy of the life that surrounds me.

The sound of a crisp stem breaking fills the air as I pluck a daisy and feel its soft petals between my fingertips. Yellow dust floats into the air and is taken adrift by a scented breeze. A deep breath satiates my lungs with a tender kiss of natural perfume.

The crackle of leaves in the trees invites exploration. Sturdy branches holding years of growth bend slightly as I use them as a stairway to the heavens. A flash of feathers appears before me as a curious sparrow investigates me. The hum of busy insects passing by me causes an eagerness to reach the top of the tree. Tree sap flows freely under my hands and releases a pure pine scent. I arrive at the top of the tree and open my eyes wide in wonder at the sight before me. Water in a calm river flows under a small covered bridge.

The sound of a busy city breaks my concentration and I realize that my perfect world cannot be experienced from a rooftop of an apartment building. My imagination is where it can only exist. I have yet to find a place that my dreams describe, but when I do, peace will be my reward. ^

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i love this so much!


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