Escape From Reality MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   As I walked along the beach allowing the warm sand to slip between my toes, I stared in awe at the mystical sunset. The beautiful combination of purple and red made the sky look like something from a picturebook. It seemed so imaginary that I felt I could fly up and become a part of the spectacular sight.

The beach, so crowded that it was nearly impossible to find a place to sit only hours earlier, was now almost entirely deserted. I was alone except for the occasional tourist and the click of their camera shutter.

The many different shells on the shore made soft crunching sounds as I walked along the water's edge. There were smooth shells with pastel colors decorating their surfaces, and there were textured shells with bright colors that looked as though they had been painted with great skill. Scattered among the shells were a few sand dollars and starfish that had been stranded after the tide had already come and gone.

The sun now had almost slipped away into the ocean, and I was nearly alone on the beach. All that was left was a feeling of total calm and peacefulness, a feeling that I wanted to hold close so I could recall it in the days to come.

I now found a new fascination with the formation of the stars in the dark night sky. The bright stars seemed to be within my reach. Everything was possible that night. There were no limitations or restrictions.

I found a palm tree to sit against. There was barely a distinction between where the water stopped and the sky began. I closed my eyes and thought to myself how beautiful everything was and how nature made everything seem so perfect. There was no other place where I'd rather be, and I desperately hoped I could save this feeling when I rejoined the frantic pace of the world. ^

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i love this so much!


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