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   Pollution! What should be considered real pollution? Is that one tiny wrapper you throw on the ground thinking, It's only one little thing. It's nothing to worry about. Or driving a car and thinking, Well I just can't get by without it even for one day. Someone else can give up theirs; they don't have to go as far as I do. Another form of pollution is smog caused by factories. Litter, car exhaust, and factory smog, are all forms of pollution, all bad for the earth. Is there anyway to put a stop to it, and how will it affect our future?

How bad could it be to throw your McDonald's wrapper out the window? I bet you've never even thought of it before, but you just can't keep throwing them in your back seat. Last time it was a month before you cleaned out your car. Can you imagine if everyone thought, Just this once can't hurt anything, there would be billions of wrappers everywhere. You wouldn't be able to take one step without stepping on someone's trash. Then again, is there any way to get everyone to stop? Yes, there is, but only if everyone can be convinced that littering shouldn't be done at all. Not even "Just once." If we do not clean up our act, the future looks very bleak. Our planet will be covered with garbage and destroyed.

Why shouldn't everyone just take their cars and drive wherever they please? Because one car gives off an enormous amount of exhaust, and with billions of people out just cruisin', there wouldn't be any air left that was clean enough to breathe. Everyone would surely die, and if not, the future would be very grim. Nobody could live on the earth with the air contaminated with exhaust.

Factory smog, much like exhaust, contaminates the air. Businesspeople who own and run the factories believe that "People want our products, so we have to meet the demands." Yes, the public does want these products, however, there has got to be a better, cleaner, and safer way to make them. Those demanding the products may not understand the dangers of the smog created as a result. They might not realize how detrimental it is to both to the earth and themselves. If we don't do something, the earth will surely have the same fate as it might with the problems of littering and car exhaust.

In conclusion, I have to say that pollution must stop! These three things are only a few of the forms of pollution, but all forms of pollution are just as destructive to the environment in different ways.

If we do not stop polluting our planet, everything will be destroyed and no one will be able to survive. ^

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i love this so much!


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