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   "Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show." If our society continues to view our environment with this apathy, there will be nothing to enjoy. This age is too easily defined by the word apathy. America is a nation of revolution and has been a Mecca for new ideas, however we have become lazy in our relative comfort. Society is being too short-sighted. There will be nothing left for the future to enjoy if society continues on this path of pollution and other problems.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. I say the pens, the voice, and the right to choose are the mightiest weapons of all. Writing letters to your government officials is a strong way to help the environment. Politicians need to know that the environment is a concern of its people. You may say that because you are not old enough to vote that you will not be taken seriously. You are wrong. In a few years these same politicians will be vying for your vote. Politicians want to be elected (or stay elected). By making the environment a paramount issue, politicians will be forced to make the environment their issue. Policy can be effected by the pens.

Society needs to vocalize and speak out on behalf of the environment. We are its voice. By telling others about the environmental problems, consciousness will be raised. To ensure the success of environmental protection, everyone must be involved. When people listen and hear the implications if action is not taken, a Styrofoam cup will not seem as convenient as to sacrifice a tree for their grandchild. The voice is the environment's vehicle of change.

Challenge manufacturers and companies to make more environmentally sound products by what you choose to buy. Unfortunately or fortunately, it is hard to determine, since our present society is driven by money. Exhibit your power of the purse. Buy organically grown food. Humans were not meant to eat apples sprayed with pesticides. Today organic food is expensive, but if demand increases, prices will drop. Choose local stores rather than the massive chain stores. These large companies have the prowess to have rainforest trees cut and land raped of natural resources. Boycott these stores to stop the genocide of our environment. Choice is power. Choose wisely.

Politicians, companies, and society need to hear that the environment is a problem that cannot be avoided but needs to be solved. A lifestyle change is necessary to achieve this. Write, speak, and choose wisely to raise consciousness. Environmental destruction is the problem. Activism is the answer. ^

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