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      Rainforests are one of the most beautifulenvironments in the world, with lush greenery hundreds of feettall and thousands of species of plants and animals only foundthere. From ecologists to zoologists, the rainforests havebeen widely studied. We see them as a source of life andbeauty, but there is also much that we do not know. Theirdeforestation in many equatorial nations has become a commonpractice with drastic effects. If rainforests continue to becut down or burned, the secrets of the jungle will never beknown.

The unique plants in rainforests may be thesource of cures for many diseases, including cancer. With suchdiverse stretches of land there is much to be explored andpotential for finding cures. Rainforests are also greatsources of vegetation. With developing cities in everycountry, it is possible the world will eventually run out ofcritical resources like fuel and food. If rainforests arepreserved, they may be the only regions ofvegetation.

Rainforests are beautiful. They should notbe destroyed to help create cities or businesses. Unlikecities, rainforests cannot be built. Once destroyed,everything in them and everything waiting to be discovered nolonger exists.

To prevent deforestation, the entireworld must help. This is difficult because various countrieshave different needs and values. Ideally, government leadersshould realize the error of allowing deforestation, butclearly this is not the case. America sees the rainforest as asource of beauty with medical potential. Nations withrainforests see them as land to farm, raise cattle and makeproductive. Farmers think that clearing trees and plantingcrops will be productive but rainforests themselves are moreprosperous. Rainforest soil is not fit for year-round farming;deforestation is inefficient.

Many nations are inneed of land but, instead of allowing deforestation, moreadvanced nations should provide strategic agricultural methodsand techniques. Perhaps if countries understood the harm theyare causing and were given a more practical option,deforestation would cease. Governments should make rainforestsoff-limits, similar to America's national parks. For nationsto understand the importance of these solutions, educationmust be increased. Through education, people will be able toexplore their options and do what is best for their countryand the world.

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