Escape From Reality MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

My familyowns a small lot of land in the country.
We come here every weekend insummer.
I yearn for these times, live for these times.

Just beyond ourcabin,
trees stand tall in a close-knit community.
I love to walk intothese woods.
The whole experience of it is so refreshing,
a chance toescape the outside world.
Stepping into these woods means
stepping out ofreality.

I cross the line of reality and
walk until I can no longer seeour cabin.
It's just trees,
the trees and me.
All alone in this naturalwonderland.
This is what I long for.
Sitting down upon the leaf-coveredearth,
I rest the weight of my back against a giant evergreen tree.
Such awonderful place,
so enormous that I cannot take it in all at once.
I am inawe of this overwhelming beauty.

The air here is clean,untainted.
There is no cleaner air on Earth.
Up beyond the highest reach ofthe tallest tree
is a bright blue sky, just the way nature intended.
Nosmog, no pollution,
just air.
The only scent is that of theevergreens,
their fresh, pleasant aroma winding between the trees.
The onlycolors present are greens and browns
occasionally dotted with the purple oryellow of a wild flower.
Everything seems still and silent, but it isnot.
Look closely and you shall see the
leap of a toad, a doe seeking foodfor her baby, or a tiny bird learning to fly.
This place is so full oflife,
yet in an entirely different way than the bustling city.

I lovethe peacefulness of the woods.
Compared to city life, this place is silent,
but if you listen carefully, you will hear many soothing sounds.
Flappingbirds' wings, leaves rustling in the wind,
a rabbit scurrying through theferns, or the occasional hoot or howl.
A shallow stream trickling over shiny,smooth stones
provides the perfect background music.
I yearn for thesetimes, live for these times.

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i love this so much!


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