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      Twenty years from now, will youhave abundant, clean water? Unfortunately, the answer may be no, unless you wantto buy water at $3 per gallon. People are already starting to conserve water.Many communities are putting restrictions on water usage, but this is not enough.If we don't change our habits, in the next 20 years fresh water rivers and lakesmay run dry.

According to ABC news source "Nightline," waterwill become more expensive than gas in the future. Desalination is the reason forthese outrageous prices, since it is very expensive to remove the salt from oceanwater. Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia, have already starteddesalinating because of their desert environment. Will your family somedaystruggle to pay water bills?

Areas closer to home have also begun toconserve water. Miami, New Jersey, and southern Florida prohibit water to beserved in restaurants unless it is requested. In some places, you may not wateryour grass more than twice a week. In California, they are thinking about reusingtoilet water in order to save our most valuable resource.

Though thesestates, and others, have begun to help, this is not good enough. Peopleeverywhere should be careful to conserve fresh, cheap water.

Lakes andrivers are an excellent source of water, but when people drink an average of fourcups a day of water and use at least 10 gallons per day, there will not be muchleft in 20 years. Astonishingly, an average American uses more than 15 gallonsfor each shower. Wasting fresh water like that should not be acceptable. Ways tosave water include taking shorter showers, not washing your car, and not wateringyour grass. Even taking a 10-minute shower instead of a 15-minute one can make adifference. Using these tips, you help save the lakes, rivers, andyourself.

Would you want to drink acid rain? If not, global warming isanother reason to conserve water. Pollution is going into the ozone layer andcausing UV rays to stay on Earth due to the greenhouse effect. Not only is globalwarming heating the earth, but it is causing acid rain which means we won't beable to drink rainwater, or use it for farming. Polluting the air causes problemstoo: acid rain, global warming, darker skies and dirty air. Save the fresh wateryou have, or you may be drinking acid rain.

If you don't want your familyto be struggling because of high water prices, don't waste the water you have.Everyone needs to get involved to help save the water. Driving a polluting car isnot good for the atmosphere because it could cause acid rain. Drinking a lot ofwater is good for you, but don't waste it watering your grass or washing yourcar. Take these matters into your own hands and save water now so you won't haveto deal with it later.

Research done through ABC news source"Nightline"

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