Requisition For Liberation MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Arise, creatures furredand feathered,
and let evolution turn once more.
Join your wisdom andconspire,
to throw off the human yoke!
Awake, mighty trees and humblegrasses,
patient roots stronger than rock.
Crack through the concreteprison that mankind has ringed around you.
Break forth, scarred valleys, cryout!
Grind the machines that tear at your heart and soul.
Then shall everycreature dance and frolic with joy!
Wolves shall howl and dolphinsleap,
and redwoods raise their branches.
Rise up, waters, in exultation,
For the day of liberation is at hand!
Today the Earth shall open,
andswallow her oppressors.
Towers, malls and highways shall crumble,
poisonfactories fall into the darkness.
Hear me, people: if you were to survive thisday
you must give up your precious treasures;
vacations, cars and luxuries...
Cast them into the Earth,
into the Great Well of Sacrifice,
and turnto embrace your Sister - Life.

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i love this so much!

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