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January 30, 2012
By Brianna23 BRONZE, Columbus, New Jersey
Brianna23 BRONZE, Columbus, New Jersey
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If something bad happened to you, wouldn’t you want people to care, to help you? Wouldn’t you think people, such as family members, would be unselfish enough to take notice to you? That’s exactly how animals feel when they’re abused. They are poor, defenseless animals yet millions are abused each year. Much of the abuse that goes on is unreported, behind the scenes, while other abuse is right under our noses, but we can’t see it. Many people have joined in protecting animals from abuse with organizations such as ASPCA. These people care about animals and realize that there are just as important as us and have the same right to be on the planet as we do. They know that there are animals out their crying for help and we are their voice.

There is more to helping animals than just giving them a good home. The kind of abuse I’m talking about takes place outside of the shelters and the homes and inside science labs. Many people see animal testing as okay because they would rather have a mouse or rat die than themselves. They think mice are gross so it’s okay that they are dying every day. But those people fail to realize that rats and mice aren’t the only animals tested. Dogs, cats, sheep, hamsters, and pigs are a few of the animals tested. estimates that 2,000,000 animals are used in research in the U.S each year. Still don’t think it’s a big deal? Imagine one of those animals being your pet. Imagine that each animal was taken away from a better life: that each one could’ve found a loving home and owner and what kept them from a life of happiness was us because we let testing on animals remain legal, and now, all those animals suffer.

Research isn’t the only kind of abuse; there are also puppy mills, and factory farms. Don’t be fooled by their names, they may sound innocent but that is just a trap. When you walk into a pet store do you ever wonder where the animals came from? Well, those puppies and dogs you see come from puppy mills, a place where dogs are forced to breed at extreme rates to produce young to sell. These animals are used for our own profit. They are kept in a small, unsanitary cage all day with other dogs as well. Similar actions take place on factory farms as well, but these animals are used for food. They too are forced to breed at unnaturally speeds. Eventually, says, the animal becomes exhausted. Then, when it is no longer useful, it is slaughtered. They are also given hormones and antibiotics to maximize growth and food output. They are treated like useless, unimportant nothings and that’s no way to treat a living breathing creature.
Another type of cruelty is in clothing. Most people just think they lose their fur and it’ll grow back but they are wrong. PETA says that millions of animals are killed for clothing. These animals are abused for “fashion”. A PETA investigation in India found that cows’ tails were broken and chili peppers and tobacco were rubbed into their eyes so they would collapse and be ready for slaughtered. Sheep are treated just as badly. They are skinned without precaution, taking out chunks of skin and flesh. Then they are sent to the Middle East. If they survive, they are dragged, beaten and cut by the throat while still conscious. This is just wrong .You may not feel sick when you try on a fur coat, but after you see what happens to animals in order to get that coat you will. They treat these animals like dirt; technically worse because we don’t slaughter dirt for clothes. These need to stop before it gets more out-of-hand.

Other types of animal cruelty involve endangered species and homeless pets. These are most commonly heard of but few know the facts. Did you know that 4-6 million pets in the U.S are in need of a home? Did you now that they are forced to survive on their own, find their own food and water? Think about this the next time you’re cold or it’s raining: you’re complaining while you have blankets to keep you warm, a roof over your head and umbrella to keep you dry, Meanwhile, those millions of homeless dogs are out there freezing, suffering, cold and alone. Endangered species are important too. Most wonder how they could help save an animal that lives in the forest when they live millions of miles away. The reason those animals are endangered are because of humans. We have caused numerous extinctions throughout history. It has been recorded (by that as of January 5th, 2011, there are 1,170 animals that are endangered and about half of those live in the United States. Endangered species is more important than you may think. It’s not every day we hear about an animal becoming extinct but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Since 1600, more than 700 species of plants and animals have gone extinct and at the rate we’re going it’s predicted that by 2022, 22% of all species will be extinct if no one takes action. That is why we have to stand up for these animals. They have no say in their future. They don’t have the choices and the power we have to change their fate. They are scared and want our help. No matter how big or how small, each and every animal is important and each one deserves a right to stay on this planet and to live a care-free, healthy life. We can help them but we must speak up and stand up. We must come together and be their voice!

The author's comments:
The purpose of this article is to spread the awareness of animal cruelty in order to help protect the animals and prevent it from happening. I want to inform readers about what goes on that most people are unaware of. I hope you enjoy!

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