Fix this world

January 28, 2012
The smoke comes out as I drive by
Burned fossil fuels are in the sky
Not really knowing what to say
I won’t be affected anyway

Fast-forward 40 years from now
The world has changed I don’t know how
The world is filled with disgust and hate
Pollution caused this horrible fate

If I could go back in time
The world might not be filled with grime
I’d let people know we have to change
Cause what we’re doing is really strange

Use other things that might be better
Possibly something that would be wetter
Hydropower is a cooler fuel
It can also be a useful tool

It powers homes and machines too
It can power a stove to make some stew
No pollution will be created
It’s not an idea to be hated

There’s another source that might just work
Solar power has lots of perks
It won’t ever go away
So we can get it any day

Use solar panels to heat your home
It’s a lot better than using coal
It causes zero pollution
Fossil fuels would drop a ton

There’s even more that we can use
Wind energy is a good one to choose
Just like solar power, it’s free to obtain
In the end it will cause a personal gain

Use wind turbines to power machines
It’s an option that is much more green
It’s a smarter form of energy
In the end I’m sure you’ll agree

As you can see there’s a lot to do
To make this Earth better for you
Just hear me out and change your mind
To fix this world one step at a time

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