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By James W., Middletown, DE

     Many factors affect our environment, among them humans, animals, weather and pollution. In the past 10 years, over 75 percent of the wildlife land in my town has been destroyed due to the construction of homes and shopping centers. Sure, a shopping center is good for the community, but four in a six-mile radius isn’t.

I believe it is wrong for animals to lose their homes to people who are too lazy to drive three miles to an existing shopping center. When Middletown’s population started increasing, they set aside a 10-acre wildlife area. I used to live in an area where all you could see was farmland and woods, but that has changed and all you can see now are houses. The people who originally had houses here were planning to enjoy the beautiful views that they had paid for, but that won’t happen with all these new buildings.

Some things are good for a community, but not constant building. It not only decreases your view but adds pollution from the additional cars. The ozone layer has been depleted in the last 20 years because of pollution, and though this issue has been addressed, pollution still destroys the ozone layer. Our survival depends on factories producing goods and without them we may not have made it this far but they need to make their emissions cleaner.

We have all heard of animals being killed because of waste and other chemicals dumped in waterways. So much wildlife has been killed and human health has even been affected because of people’s mistakes. If we could find a way of building with less environmental impact, the world would be cleaner and fewer animals would have to die or be forced from their habitats.

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