Roadless Areas MAG

By Latrice C., Mount Pleasant, SC

     America is filled with beautiful lands that are home to unique and diverse wildlife. In January 2001, the Roadless Area Conservation Rule was issued to protect America’s national forests. With this, about a third of America’s forests were off-limits to logging and road building. The Roadless Area Conservation Rule protects 58.5 million acres of land in 39 states while still allowing public access.

The Bush Administration wants to change this with the Roadless Area Management State Petition Proposal. If passed, the governor of a state would be able to ask for exceptions, which would mean that the land would be vulnerable to logging, road building and development.

I think the Roadless Area Management State Petition Proposal would be a major step backward in land preservation. All the programs devoted to international conservation campaigns would not have credibility with other nations. How could we tell another nation that they need to preserve their land if we aren’t taking care of ours?

If you’re against the Roadless Area Management State Petition Proposal, there are actions you can take to help stop it. Write letters or emails to your representatives saying you are against it. Talk to your friends and parents and get them involved. The more people who speak out against the petition, the better. Some of these lands that timber companies want access to would never be the same if they succeed.

America’s lands are precious and won’t be around if we don’t protect them. Everyone can do something to help. America has many natural wonders that once destroyed will never return. We need to do something to help save them.

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