January 17, 2012
By puffnaynay6 BRONZE, Williamport, Pennsylvania
puffnaynay6 BRONZE, Williamport, Pennsylvania
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Imagine, happily swimming in the crystal blue ocean with your family. Suddenly something pierces your back. The next thing you hear is the loud rumble of a gunshot. You scream and panic as ruby red blood surrounds you. Ropes pull you tightly to the side of a ship. You call for help, but no one is coming. It takes close to half and hour for you to finally drown in water contaminated by your own blood. This sounds like something a director came up with. But sadly, it’s not. Many whales are being killed this way; and we need to put a stop to it!

First, 95% of all Japanese people eat little or no whale meat. Whale meat contains a lot of toxic chemicals and an unhealthy amount of mercury. Mercury cause severe retardation. Yet, it gets fed to the Japanese children! They are just poisoning these children and lowering their IQ’s; and the parents don’t even know it! Japanese whalers claim that whale meat is a traditional delicacy in Japan; but no delicacy is worth losing brain cells for!

Next, Japan can’t afford to pay for whaling. 29 million dollars of national post tsunami recovery funds went to whaling. The Japanese taxpayers don’t want the money they pay to go to whaling, yet they continue to spend millions of dollars on brutally killing these poor creatures. Yet, Japan has enough money to pay off other countries to vote in their favor about whaling at United Nation meetings. Whalers in Japan say that they are doing research with the whales they kill. This could be true. But, what would you be researching that you need thousands and thousands of dead whales for? And if they really were researching whales, wouldn’t they know the dangers of consuming this animal’s meat and have the common sense not to feed it to the children living in their country? You would believe so right? Think about these children and think about the whales. They both need our help!

Last, about 1,000 whales get killed each year! They get killed for such things like oil soap, tobacco, margarine, cooking oil, soap, polish, cosmetic creams, candles, medical ointments, and preventatives for leather and other fabrics. Are these products really worth the lives of innocent whales? And if so, is it not possible to substitute the whale for something else? I doubt it. Whalers are killing whales because “there are a lot of them.” That is exactly like saying that since there is over 300million people in the United States; you are allowed to murder thousands of people, because there are “a lot of them.” What the Japanese whalers probably don’t know is that whales have larger brains than humans; so they actually go through more pain when they are murdered. But, when a human is murdered, the murderer is punished. Why aren’t these whalers being punished also? Whales have families and feelings too! Don’t you want justice for these helpless mammals?

In conclusion, I feel strongly against whaling. First, most Japanese people don’t eat whale meat. Second, Japan can’t afford whaling. And last, thousands of whales are being murdered. If we don’t stop these whalers from killing these innocent animals, in 10 to 20 years there will be no whales left!


Naomi L.

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