January 17, 2012
By Laynweezy BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Laynweezy BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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Imagine a world without whales. They are such beautiful creatures. Why would someone want to slaughter them? Whales don’t deserve the way they are being treated. Whaling needs to end, now.

First, killing whales is morally wrong. Imagine how a baby whale might feel when it witnesses its mother being harpooned and killed. Or a whale’s mate being killed right before its eyes. My opponent might say that whales should be treated like any other animal. Used as a resource for food, and other goods. But I disagree, saying we should kill whales is like saying we should kill humans. It’s just as terrible. Whales are exceptionally intelligent and have amazing talent. The Japanese fishermen don’t understand that. These whales will be dead before they even get to live out there lives with their pods.

Next, the Japanese fishermen who are killing these whales are giving the meat to schools around Japan. They then use this meat for their lunches. But what they don’t know is that the whale meat contains a large amount of mercury. The mercury causes severe retardation. So not only are they hurting the whales, they are hurting their own people, their own children. Isn’t that crazy. Most of the Japanese citizens don’t even know that whaling is going on. They don’t know that these fishermen giving away free poisoned meat are jeopardizing their child’s life.

Finally, can you imagine how these whales are feeling? They’re being harpooned and tied to boats only to suffocate on their own blood. My enemy might argue that they don’t have emotions and that they’re soulless. But honestly, they’re the ones that are killing these majestic creatures. They don’t even care. No living creature deserves to go through this. They are using the whale for unnecessary things. Why would you want them to suffer? They could just substitute the whale that they use, with something else.

Killing whales is unnecessary and it needs to end. The fishermen are hurting these poor helpless animals only to make a profit. The things people will do for money. We need to stand up for these whales. Be their voices, and help save the lives of these beautiful creatures. We can stop this if we unite and spread the word, and make everyone aware about what’s going on.


Alayna G.

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