Whaling Is Bad

January 17, 2012
By dr.heheha BRONZE, Willamsport, Pennsylvania
dr.heheha BRONZE, Willamsport, Pennsylvania
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Dear, People
Imagine a Baleen whale on the side of the ship screeching, no, screaming out in pain with the sticky red liquid of life slowly leaking out of its many cuts on its body, and soon, but not soon enough, it dies the most terrible, agonizing, and painful death of all. This is not fake it is true. I will tell you first how we are lied; to then how smart whales are and last how whales are used. And while you read this, remember how dolphins (who are in the whale family) saved us in the past and we repay them by killing them.

First, many no good deceiving people say it’s a custom to eat whales; but only five (5) percent (%) really even eat whale meat. But even the people who eat it could eat a big Mac, or a whopper, or even a salad instead. We might be eating more whales then they are by them sneaking it in to the proud U.S.A.
Next, people who are dumb say the whales are dumb but they really have bigger brains then us; and we only use ten (10) percent (%) of our brains. A neurobiogist did an experiment on dolphins she put a spot on them and when they swam around a mirror they recognized themselves. Which proves they are smart.

Finally, the gluttonous, ravenous people of the world would say whales take up money when really we get thousands of dollars from whale tours every year. Did you know whales are used in margarine, soap, and tobacco; without us even knowing? Now with you knowing we can stop this tragedy.

In conclusion, you can stop cruelty to all those whales and dolphins out there by putting your foot down. Remember even Pierce Brosnan (the old James Bond) said. “We owe it to our children to be better stewards of the environment. The alternative? A world without whales. Its too terrible to imagine.” So lets stop the whaling now. So no other Baleen whale will feel its life o so slowly slip away

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whaling is bad and it happens every day

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