January 17, 2012
By RyuguSonozaki BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
RyuguSonozaki BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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Dear Leaders of the United Nations,

The world is connected, every piece on mother earth’s chessboard has value, and when we take a piece away, we disturb the balance that’s been so carefully placed. One of the pieces is being taken off, that piece is the whale; the largest mammal and one of its most gentlest creatures, the whale is being hunted down by the Japanese whalers despite the ban on whaling. We should stop this horrific tragedy from continuing any farther.

Some may argue that whales should be treated like other animals, an item used for profit; but whales are much more different than any chicken or cow. Recent studies show that whales can feel pain like we do, and when they suddenly get stabbed in the back with a harpoon, or get shot by numerous bullets, and spend the last moments of its own life struggling and choking on its own blood; they can feel everything. Whales know what the Japanese do to them, and watch helplessly as they are mercilessly slaughtered for the sake of “research”. Doesn’t this put the inhumane picture in your mind, the horror these beautiful creatures have to face on a daily basis?

The Japanese whalers say that it’s a part of their culture to eat these gentle creatures, but in truth, most eat little to no whale; but since the whalers want to make money, they mis advertise the whale meat as other food. But whale meat contains a high concentration of mercury, which severely hurts the people that eat it. The mercury causes problems with the skin, respiratory system, circulatory system, and could eventually lead to death. The Japanese whalers would rather care so much on making money that they would sacrifice their own kind to do so.

Pro whalers may argue they need the whales they hunt for research and such, but in truth only want them for profit. If they really were using whales for research, they wouldn’t need to slaughter them so brutally; and they wouldn’t care if they made a profit. These whales are being used for products such as soap and tobacco, along with other silly products.

Everyday these gentle creatures are being hunted and murdered, just for the sake of hopefully making a profit. We need to ban together to stop this inhumane act from continuing.


Macenzie M.

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A project for class about whaling

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