Don't Hunt Whales

January 17, 2012
By Ryan23 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Ryan23 BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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Dear mindless imbeciles who hunt whales,

Envision that you were a whale and you had a family. Then you floated there and watched your family die right in front of your eyes what would you do? Nothing, because there’s nothing you would’ve been able to do. You would be helpless.
Many countries like Japan, Iceland and others, think whaling can be okay to do. The thing is that it isn’t just whales, it’s dolphins to. They think that whales can be hunted for sport and resources. Countries like this probably believe that whales have small brains and in their large heads. When really their brains are a lot bigger than a human brain, if their heads are that big from logical reasoning this fact is obvious. Whales are killed all over the world daily and this needs to stop.

To begin with when I see videos which is the camera man having first-hand knowledge of people stabbing or shooting whales it moves me in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time. It disgusts me to think that hardly anyone is attempting to put a stop to this while whales are out choking on their own blood. Whales aren’t just any other fish that should be hunted freely without a care to how they feel.

Next Whales, like humans, mate for life and have real feelings that anyone can detect except for the mindless, heartless imbeciles who kill them. Whales use calls to communicate, and these calls are dying one by one. Whales are very intelligent creatures and carry feelings just like any other human. Their voices are leaving us.

Finally, whales aren’t the only ones that are being hunted dolphins are being killed to. People in Japan or other countries don’t know that whale meat is infested with mercury. As most people know, mercury is cancerous and very dangerous. They don’t realize that mercury is in their everyday sushi. This is why fisherman across the world shouldn’t hunt or even touch whales.

In conclusion, many countries like Japan, Iceland, and others hunt whales daily and make a bad habit of it. The sad thing is people are heartless enough to do it. More importantly, it isn’t just whales, its dolphins to. To begin with people go around doing this without a care to what they are doing to these harmless creatures. Next whales like humans have feelings to, they also mate for life proving the depth of their feelings. Finally whales aren’t the only ones being hunted, dolphins are being killed to. The meat in whales is infested with mercury and is causing mishaps at birth, as well as cancer. Next time you think about whales remember what you read and maybe you’ll feel the same pain I do.

The author's comments:
This is what's happening to whales and dolphins global and it needs to stop.

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