January 13, 2012
By abramstankman BRONZE, Citrus Heights, California
abramstankman BRONZE, Citrus Heights, California
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Do you like green skies in your area? Well, that's what the sky is going to be if we do not stop pollution! How do we keep the sky blue? Recycle is one way. Recycling allows us to not use incinerators to trash. I tried to throw away paper but I realized it got incinerated so I recycled because it gets reused. Keeping smoke out of the sky. Recycle, it is good for your health.

Another way is to bike or walk places. Less cars on the road means less smoke. Even scooters will work. Surely, cars burn gas, bikes don’t. I realized a truck came by and emitted a black smoke, so I knew that was bad. Bikes are even physical exercise for a person. So when you have choice to bike or ride a short distance. Choose the bike.

Factories, Earth’s worst fear.I walked by a factory for toys and I saw more black smoke and that was unhealthy I thought. A factory want to make the most stuff in a short amount of time. They cause a lot of pollution. If they produced less the world would be happier. The more products they make at once the more smoke will be made.

Do you want trees to die? They only take in carbon dioxide and not smoke. Eventually a tree will die. I studied how a tree reacted to other airs and Carbon Dioxide worked best. If air pollutes more they will all die. Making Earth inhabitable. So do your part and keep earth healthy.

All in all, pollution is bad. Bike to school can you? Maybe convince a factory yo produce less. Recycle, maybe? All of these things can help the Earth. So do your part and save the world.


Evan R.

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