Clouded Leopards

January 10, 2012
By Anonymous

Clouded leopards are one of nature’s most magnificent animals, but sadly they are a dying species. A dying species that we can save if we choose to.
Clouded leopards are now on the endangered animal list. This is because of poachers who are both commercial and substance hunters. Commercial poachers sell them on the black market for their bones, for medicinal purposes, their meats, and for their beautiful pelts used in exotic fashions in china. Even though it is illegal people still poach clouded leopards (
Personally, I love clouded leopards. How could anyone not? They are so beautiful and poised. I just don’t get how someone can destroy one and their habitats with just one pull of the trigger.
Or poachers could be sawing down trees.
There, another clouded leopard has been subtracted from the already declining population of clouded leopards left in the wild. Already one of the four subspecies of clouded leopards are thought to be extinct. Although this cannot be proven due to the reclusive nature of the clouded leopard, and it is near impossible to pinpoint the number of clouded leopards left in the wild, but it is known that the numbers of clouded leopards have been declining.
If clouded leopards are destroyed completely not only would I be upset, but it would a world wide travesty, that we could not have held on to another species(
What the government needs to do is pass the Big Cats and Rare Canines Act. This act will help protect over a dozen big cat and rare canine species by allocating vital resources they need to survive, using private conservation fund wisely, and getting people to work together on fostering the need to save the environment.
Clouded leopards are amazing creatures and we need to protect them. If we don’t then who can they turn to? Clouded leopards need our help, to protect them from poachers and deforestation. So, lets help.

The author's comments:
i wrote this for a literacy project. i chose this topic because i love clouded leopards

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leopard boy said...
on Jan. 17 2012 at 11:55 am
Great article! I can see you did a lot of research for the article. Keep on writing!


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