December 1, 2011
By Kelbi May BRONZE, Abernathy, Texas
Kelbi May BRONZE, Abernathy, Texas
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Not only are people filled with evil, but so are some objects. It fills people with fear and is a scary thing. Lives are taken by this enormous creature.
It spins around and around, falling from the sky. When it hits the ground, the whole area becomes pitch dark. Its ugliness never fails to destroy everything in it's path. The loud moaning sounds stretch across the vast, destroyed plains. It can barely be predicted, in a nick of time. The meteorologist forecast the danger, saving many lives.
Although it's a majestic sight from a distance, anywhere close to it will have you screaming. Once taken up and away, chances of surviving are slim. It is an evil monster that can not be slayed, This is a modern day monster.

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