Air Pollution

December 1, 2011
By Anonymous

I think that the problem of air pollution could be pretty easy to solve. I do not believe that people will help prevent global warming and that would be disastrous for our Earth. There are millions of buildings around the world transmitting pollutants into the air day by day. What if just half of those building were shut down? That would help a lot with our environment. There are many reasons why air pollution is horrible for our environment, but there are ways to try and solve this.

Air pollution is a global issue that is negatively impacting our world. Smog above cities is one of the most known contributors to global warming. The definition of air pollution is anything that damages the atmosphere or living organisms. The main pollution that is causing global warming is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a green house gas, which comes from planes, cars, power plants, and many other sources. As stated in the article “Air Pollution,” “In the past 150 years, such activities have pumped enough carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to raise its levels higher than they have been for hundreds of thousands of years” (Par. 2). This is a tremendous problem that needs to be changed.

There are huge amounts of other air pollutants that contribute to global warming. Methane and sulfur dioxide are two pollutants that negatively impact climate change. Methane is a green house gas that spreads from swamps and gas from livestock. Sulfur dioxide is in smog and reflects light when emitted into the atmosphere. This decreases sunlight from the atmosphere and warms the earth. In the past, volcanoes were the main source of atmospheric sulfur dioxide, but nowadays, people are.
A solution that has already tried to be put into effect but should be used again is people around the world reducing pollutants that they put into the air. “Industrialized countries have worked to reduce levels of sulfur dioxide, smog, and smoke in order to improve people’s health,” according to “Air Pollution”(Par. 3). In order to try this solution again, ads should be handed out everywhere around the world so businesses and organizations are more aware of what they are doing to the environment. This would at least prevent global warming from increasing further.

There have been many attempts to prevent and even solve the problem of air pollution. When countries tried reducing the levels of sulfur, smog, and smoke, they recently found out that it might contribute more to global warming. A lot is needed to help and prevent global warming. A few ways to solve this problem are to reduce the amount of driving and flying, recycle as much as possible, and to conserve more. These solutions would help because all of those acts listed are suggestions of how to take part in helping and are providing our society to improve as much as possible. Improving our society will help prevent global warming. The solutions just stated would be implemented by advertising them nationally and all around the world. People see ads and ignore them now, but when they are everywhere, people will not be able to ignore them too much longer. Earth is where everyone lives and they should not want to see it being destroyed. These solutions begin at the local level, but everyone around the world would have to participate in this act for it to do enough to prevent global warming. If people kept up with these solutions, then they would probably be long-term for the most part. Everything being talked about would be run by the worldwide organization “Global Green”, a non-profit environmental organization that works to solve to world’s environmental challenges. The money to fund this organization more would be through donations. There is no way this could fail unless no one chooses to participate.
Air pollution has become more severe and serious measures need to be taken to prevent global warming. One described solution is to get countries’ businesses and organizations to cut down on what they are distributing into the air. A proposed solution is to advertise nationally to inform people about how they can prevent the air pollution that is going on with our environment. We can all take a stand. If this problem with the environment does not get resolved, our world is going to have more serious problems to have to try and fix. It might then be too late to do anything about it. Our world will be different in a horrible way if we all do not start taking precautions today.

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