Rain Is a Good Thing

January 3, 2012
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Some days the rain falls and days are filled with gloom. A person once said that when the rain falls it brings with it life. Whom ever that person is was right. That is how the country song rain is a good thing can be justified. Rain does make corn in some scene. What people some times forget is water is used in many purposes and in those some we never see. Like the snow the snow keeps the grass insulated and safe from the frigid temperatures of winter. Other people seem to think water is only necessary for people and in terms pollute the water supply, not intentionally but it tends to happen. Our water supply is not endless but in turn may be damaged by what people around it do. Make sure not to litter or dump house hold products on your lawn. Do not use harsh chemicals to kill weeds. In turn the chemicals you use in and around your house my be to blame for water pollution. Although there are ways to keep people safe from pollution there is not a way to keep animals safe. People have to remember that both they and the animals have to share the same land and substance it provides.

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