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January 1, 2012
By eecinderella BRONZE, Plainfield, Illinois
eecinderella BRONZE, Plainfield, Illinois
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Last night I was laying in bed like almost all people do they lay down to sleep. Also like many people I was thinking before I fell asleep. Right before I fell asleep I watched the news. Forecast: low thirties high twenties. About a year ago that weather would be ideal weather in November but in December? Normally December weather is low twenties to below zero! We haven't had any snow and it's December. Last year at this time we have had two snow storms already...another example would be Colorado. That state to many people is snow, when they hear Colorado they think snow. Not this year. There is no snow.
We hear it over and over again;we see it all the time too! But nobody listens we all blow it off and figure what difference will it make of I don't do anything? What difference will it make if I do do something? We all just figure other people are doing enough that I do have to. Driving down the highway you an see billboards for be green! Or at the store buy LED lights or even at fast food restaurants on the bottom of their containers they have signs or words clearly saying throw this away! Don't litter or even better recycle! It's a concept that throughout the past couple years has been told to us over and over again.
Weather you believe the world will end in 2012 or not is your belief, by if it does end do you want it to end looking like a big trash can because some people maybe even you are to lazy to get up and walk the couple of feet it takes to throw something away? Maybe your in the car eating in a rush is it that hard to wait until you reach your destination to throw your trash in a trash can where it belongs? Or wait until your home and throw it away there? It's not hard even if all we do is stop littering that's a step in the right direction. Maybe after we atop littering we can start recycling, which in turn would stop global warming and the weather wouldn't be so out of Whack and things could go on in a beautiful world. Just give it a thought it's not hard I promise.

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