You Could Do Something, Couldn't You?

December 15, 2011
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Human existence is in danger of disorder and persecution. Many human beings didn’t realize this fact, as it only became apparent for human beings who stand back and observe nature in which they live. Global warming and climate change is threatening our existence, and more importantly, the earth’s existence itself. Governments and organizations are spending millions of dollars to prevent these from happening, and many artists, poets and authors are writing about these. But, human beings are selfish. They didn’t really care about the earth and the future, all they think about is themselves. So what’s the point of doing all those things? They will not bring any benefits if none of us cared about this earth and everyone in it.
I lived in Surabaya, which is the second biggest city in Indonesia. I was born and I grew up here. I noticed that it’s getting hotter every day. Moreover, lately the climate is very unpredictable. During the dry season, it rains, and during the rainy season, it doesn’t rain. Both climate change and global warming are giving us many disadvantages. But, if we think about it all over again, it’s actually our own fault. The public transportation in Surabaya isn’t very convenient and the number is so little. So, people preferred to have their own cars or motorcycles, which results in a very great number of carbon dioxide produced each day. The increase in carbon dioxide itself causes global warming and climate change.
Once, there was a big pine tree outside my room. It had always been the first thing I saw when I wake up, and also the last thing I saw before I went to sleep. It became the thing that I saw the most every day. But one day, cruel people took it away. They cut it off, and I saw its beautiful branches were kissing the ground. One by one, they fall down. Within an hour, it was completely taken away.I thought I could never see it again. I realized that it just resulted as an absence of a life on earth. Just like everybody else, the tree deserved a life. I was so deep in my thoughts; the reckless things human beings did concerned me more and more. If we only concentrate on consuming for today and don’t think about tomorrow, won’t it be the beginning of the planet’s and also human beings’ extinction? Someday, the whole planet will destruct because of the selfishness of human beings. Does our planet deserve this fate?
Everything I’ve gone through brought a noticeable change to my life. I now felt our earth’s problem directly. I’ve always thought that I couldn’t change the fact that this planet is going to destruct someday. But, I began to think differently. I started to believe that small steps lead to big differences. So, I started doing little things, taking small steps. I shared my thoughts with my family and friends. Those little steps began to bring a meaningful change to our environment. We worked together. We did everything we can to save our planet.
From all of these, I learned that I could transform a pain into a commitment for me to do the best to make up for all my mistakes towards earth. I knew that I have the ability to change this world, and you have it too. We, as the caretakers of Mother Earth, each have a big responsibility to save our planet. Even though we start with small steps, eventually it will get big.
As a last message, to everyone in this world, I urge you to do your part in saving our planet. Only together we could save the world.

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jj781 said...
Oct. 25, 2012 at 9:06 am
Great article :) Keep writing!
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