Global Warming, fact or fiction?

December 24, 2011
By RaD1oAct1v3PaNda BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
RaD1oAct1v3PaNda BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
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“Global Warming is making people nuts. People are panicking and they’re jumping over the Constitution and they’re jumping over common sense.” We all hear that it’s killing and harming our world. But what is Global Warming? It’s only when a couple of greenhouse gases such as Carbon Dioxide float into the atmosphere and hold on to escaping heat (Evan, 2008). Is it a threat though? No. We will live if we keep on driving cars. We will live if we keep on drinking coffee. We will live we if we turn on the AC in the summer. We will live if you and I just keep on doing what we are here to do. Global Warming caused by humans is not affecting the Earth negatively significantly.
Why do we always blame ourselves? For every environmental thing that was not predicted, or was a disaster, we always blame ourselves. For the highly irregular El Nino Mother Nature goes and rampages through the ocean tearing apart its regular temperature trends and killing trillions of aquatic animals. And this is considered natural, whereas if humans caused the deaths of only a few aquatic animals, we would have our heads next to the gun barrel.
Roy Spencer Ph. D., climatologist, author and former NASA scientist, says not that Global Warming is making the oceans more acidic but rather that it cannot make a huge difference. With the oceans at a pH level of 8.1, it would take much more Carbon Dioxide just to make the water neutral (pH 7.0) much less acidic (<7.0). We can’t affect the Earth that much.
Whether you’re a garbage man or a lawyer or a president or an average citizen, Global Warming is not going to hurt you, (nor) the plants, (nor) the animals nor anybody else.. These things we hear about the oceans becoming more acidic, and the air warmer, and the amount of life fewer. The question is though, how much more acidic, or warmer or fewer? Not much.
The effects that humans have had on Global Warming are clearly misunderstood. Some people like Professor John Farley are still arguing though that the Earth is getting warmer since us humans have started to pump more and more Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. How can this be if Carbon Dioxide is not even the most deadly greenhouse gas? According to Edmund Contoski , a retired environmental consultant who now serves for FORCES International Liberty News Network, tells us that water vapor is a bigger green house gas that makes up 95% of the atmosphere where Carbon Dioxide only makes up 0.035%. Global Warming is not because of us.
Life is one thing that separates Earth from other planets. What is happening to this life on Earth though? Many people such as David Perlman argue that life is decreasing because aquatic calcium shelled animals cannot develop their shells. This may be a problem but Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysicist Sallie Baliunas says that because of increased Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere, plant life and agriculture are booming and becoming more and more abundant. While the few aquatic shelled creatures may be having a harder time making their shells, plants are taking advantage . Damage we do not. No. We do well.
It is interesting that we still think global warming is manmade even when scholars like Dennis T. Avery, director for the Global Center Issues, have made their point very clear about how Global Warming is a natural cycle that has been present on Earth since the beginning of its existence where temperatures rise and then fall over a course of 1500 years. Along with William M. Gray, emeritus professor of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University, they have been arguing that extreme temperatures both warmer and colder have existed on Earth before. We will perish from worrying so much and wasting economic time on this non-existent issue. So, where is our part? It’s non-existent.
We have been told the changed truth. What were we told? Nothing but unnecessary guised gabbles about Global Warming. We were told that global temperatures were rising because of us and the excessive carbon dioxide. This junk cannot be true if we look at what William M. Gray, emeritus professor of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University and what he says about climatologists not believing the Global Computer model but instead instantly inferring that we are the cause of the problem. I don’t see an environmental problem, I see a human lie.
Warmth is essential; too much is bad but that’s not a problem right now. Many people think that Global Warming is bad, but there are more positives to look at. The grass grows greener and the trees bigger. What have we done; good or bad? Think about it.

The author's comments:
I have always been a strong supporter of Global Warming, and had believed it to be a destroying force in nature that we were causing. Until.......I researched it. Read this article and find out if it is fact or fiction?

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