A cry for help

December 9, 2011
By xofallenangelox BRONZE, Nottingham, Other
xofallenangelox BRONZE, Nottingham, Other
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Imagine a place, desolate and bare.The land is delicately dressed in ice and laden with snow, that looks as if it is a blanket; embracing the ice. You peer into the distance and out of the wilderness appears a polar bear cub. It's fur is silky smooth and as white as the snow it stands on. He glances up towards you with an expression of innocence and intrigue, his ears are stood like soldiers and his beady eyes, as black as night, twinkle in the faint glimmer of light. He tugs at your heart strings and draws your lips into a dainty smile but then you realise the truth.

The cub is lost. Alone. His eyes are brimming with sadness and teeming with fear, as a heart breaking moan escapes his thinning lips. He stumbles towards a body not much different from his own.

This bear is silent, lifeless and its heavy lids have fallen shut. The cub looks towards you with a silent plea for help. He sits. He is searching, waiting, hoping for an answer. What are you going to do to help?

Due to climate change, polar bear are finding it increasingly hard to find food and are ever facing possibilities of starvation and even extinction. It is predicted that by 2050, 2/3 of the world's polar bear population will be lost for ever- but YOU can make a difference!

The main solution it to conserve energy.Turn off a light,recycle or even plant a tree! What ever you do, make sure that you do your bit to help.

Make a difference. Save a life.

The author's comments:
I think that endangered animals and climate change are extremely important issues. I hope that by writing this article, I have opened people's eyes, to just a small piece of the tragedy that lies ahead,

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