Animal Rights

December 9, 2011
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As Christians we believe that all of God’s creatures were created equal. So why would anyone treat animals with harm? They are creatures too right? Animals deserve many rights and respect that a lot of people are not giving them. Animals should never be hit, hurt, or abused in any way. Training animals is not about dominance but about treating them with love and respect. Animals should not be killed for their skin or fur. They should not be forced into fighting for our entertainment. All animals deserve proper treatment because they cannot speak up for themselves, they have feeling too, and they provide comfort and support to their owners.

Animals tend to be smaller than us, thus they cannot fight back when we hurt them. Humans are naturally at the top of the food chain. Since we are at the top of the food chain, we have taken that to mean we can cruelly dominate over smaller animals. When people torture animals they do not realize that the animal cannot say stop. If an animal tries to fight back, humans just hit them harder. This form of maltreatment is a completely unacceptable practice. It is not right to beat an animal for fun or to get clothing items. The animal did not do anything to deserve this form of treatment. There are always other options. Instead of using real animal fur or skin use a replica or fake skin. There is no reason to make animals fight for entertainment. The sick people who do this should just watch football like everyone else. These animals cannot say “stop”; they cannot say “you are hurting me.” Animals cannot speak up for themselves so we as humans should not treat them with any kind of harm.

Also what most people do not realize is that animals have feeling too. Some people seem to treat them as inanimate objects or species with no feeling. When an animal is hit or tortured they feel something. This is a medically accurate statement; anatomically animal’s nerves send the same pain reflexes that humans receive when they are hurt. Imagine how it feels when you get hit or simply fall and hurt yourself. Every time an animal is abused they feel that pain. Think about common household pets for example a dog. When a dog is sad or hurt they let out a whimper or cry. Yes, dogs can cry too. Just like humans when a dog is in pain it whimpers. The problem is that mean people will not help the dog when it cries, they will just hit harder. Animals deserve right so that none of them will ever feel pain again.

One last thing that everyone should keep in mind is that animals are cute and cuddly. When humans just need a friend their pet is always there for them. They provide comfort and warmth. You can tell your pets your deepest secrets and they will never tell anyone. Some people say that dog is a man’s best friend. I think that, that statement can be stretch to include all animals. When you are said they will provide support and can put a smile on your face. People take advantage of animals all the time, and they forget that animals love us unconditionally. We should love are animals just as unconditionally and never ever hurt them.

Due to these reason animals should receive many more right than they have. Laws should recognize that animals should not be hit, tortured, or abused. People need to stop killing animals for their fur and skin. Fashion is not worth it people. So many people hurt animals, and it is completely unacceptable. This kind of behavior should no longer be tolerated in the Unites States or around the world. Animals deserve more rights because they are God’s creatures too.

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