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December 9, 2011
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Only a quarter of cats and dogs brought to shelters are adopted. They spend their lives in foster homes, or just in the shelter. Especially with our current economic state, nobody thinks of adopting a new furry family member.

The American Humane Association (AHA) does their absolute best to keep animals safe. They are advocates of preventing and stopping animal cruelty, animal testing, equine slaughter (Horse), and authentic “faux” fur. The Humane Society of the United States does the same. These associations are most likely not connected to your local animal shelter or humane society, but they’re almost as important.

Adopting a shelter pet is an equivalent to saving that pets life. Older cats and dogs are only sometimes adopted. 3.7 million unwanted pets are euthanized, or put to sleep, every year. This is mostly because they could not find families or homes to adopt them. Adopting from shelters gives your animal a second chance at life.

There is a problem with the overpopulation of animals in shelters, which is obvious enough. But it isn’t because there are too many animals. In fact, 17 million Americans acquire a new pet every year. Only 20%, about 3.5 million adopt from shelters or rescue centers.

If you adopt an animal from a friend or from online ads, you are actually contributing to overpopulation and irresponsible breeding. If someone’s animals happen to breed large litters, which shouldn’t happen because the responsible choice is to get them neutered or spayed, this is irresponsible breeding. When pet owners have a guilt-free way to get rid of their unwanted pets, they will most likely become repeat offenders. This is one of the main problems contributing to overpopulation.

Animals have hearts, too. They can feel emotions, and they sure can feel hurt. How would you feel, sitting in a cage most of the day, watching different people go in and out, never truly having a home. Adopt from a shelter, or just donate. Shelters pets may not be pure-breed, or have a great history, but sometimes they’ll just make it as your best friend.

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