The Occupy Wall Street Movment

November 11, 2011
By peyton clemons BRONZE, Kox, Indiana
peyton clemons BRONZE, Kox, Indiana
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The “Occupy Wall Street Movement” is the Americans protesting the economy going down hill. The Americans are protesting on the fact that Rich people get lower taxes then the poor. They are also protesting about people not getting jobs. And also they are protesting about Collage graduates no being able to get jobs to pay there student loans.

They are mainly protesting social and economic inequality, bad greed, corruption and influence over government. The protest began on september 17, 2011 and there are other cites and states having this protest in over 900 cites over the United States. People from the internet anonymous help the protesters take part in this protest. The protest was held at Zuccotti Park and since it was private property they could not be forced to leave.

When this happened thousands of people lost there home over the United States, and they have ran out unemployment pay checks, and have not income. The People of the United States want the Congress to changes the laws, so the economy can get better. The vice president likened the protest to the tea party movement in mind of the American middle class.

Do I support the Occupy Wall Street Movement? Yes I do. Because I wan our generation will have jobs, I Want my future children and my grandchild to have jobs. I want us to have health care benefits, homes, cares, and a stable environment.

The author's comments:
I worked hard on this. I feel really strongly about it.

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