Why Kids Really Hate Going to School

October 14, 2011
By Lucas Trombley BRONZE, South Dayton, New York
Lucas Trombley BRONZE, South Dayton, New York
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The ideal teacher is calm, relaxed, may yell a bit and are able to keep order in their classroom. Unfortunately there is always that one teacher that loves to yell and scream at students, and the ones who like to humiliate or even scare. I’ve experienced this type of teacher before. It was fifth grade and her name was Ms. Jackson* and she was just down right cruel.
She would treat her students like criminals, like we had no rights what so ever. The littlest thing would set her off, for example if you forgot a pencil that day she would scream and yell at you in front of the whole class. Also talking was a huge problem. While she was teaching that’s understandable but when we started working even together sometimes that just wasn’t going to fly. It was the office or hallway for the culprit depending on her mood. It was a tough year going to her class every day; I remember never wanting to go to school. I used to think it was the work but now I realize it was the teacher I had.

A classroom with a teacher that thrives on humiliating students can be a very hurtful place. Since students spend more time with their teachers during the school year than with their parents they begin to use those teachers as role models. This is a bad situation if a teacher is acting this way because it can cause the kids to act the same way and this could cause problems with other students or even other teachers.

A teacher that humiliates kids can affect how the kids act when they are home. Anger from being treated like that can build up and be unleashed on friends and family members. This could cause fights in school and at home, plus it could seriously harm the child’s development.

Last having a terrible teacher like that could change a student’s outlook on his/her education. If these kids hate going to school they are not going to try their hardest when they are there. This can cause them to fail and eventually end up not going to college or these kids could even drop out before they finish high school.

A solution for this problem could be parents listening to their kids when they complain about a teacher and go confront that teacher. A change could be made in a teacher’s outlook on teaching or their attitude toward teaching and their students. I feel strongly about this subject because I have had my experiences and I don’t want any more kids being put through this situation.
*Names have changed to protect identities.

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Its for the kids

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