composting in my school.

October 8, 2011
By sasha1996 GOLD, Geneva New York, New York
sasha1996 GOLD, Geneva New York, New York
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Two years ago when I was in seventh grade,my school started composting and recycling our lunch leftovers.
I remember we had an assembly telling us the sixth grade science teacher had proposed that we compost. After the assembly I remember thinking it was dumb.
For the first week or so we composted food and recycled milk cartons. After one day we had cut the garbage bags we used by four. That means within one week we put 20 less garbage bags into the landfills.
Throughout the year they gradually added to what we could compost and recycle. Eventually the only things that would be thrown out were silverware, salad with lots of dressing, cheese, and meats.
When we came back for eighth grade it was the same. About halfway through the year my friends and I volunteered to help at the table. We had a blast doing it. All we had to do was tell the people what they could and couldn’t compost and rince out the recyleables.
With the composting soil (when you compost it makes really fertile soil) we planted a garden in our quad. All kinds of animals go into the garden. Not rodents though.
Just imagine of every school did this. Imagine how much garbag wouldn't’t go into the landfills. Hopefully the idea of composting will be spread through New York or even through the U.S.
I challenge all of you to try this at your school. If we get schools to do this then we could make a big difference.

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