We Should All Live To Be Cruelty Free

October 28, 2011
By livy459 BRONZE, Bridgehampton, New York
livy459 BRONZE, Bridgehampton, New York
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Animal testing is a tragic method of product testing and research. According to www.Dosomething.org 1,438,553 sheep, dogs, cats, hamsters, and primates were killed in 2002. Did you know that the U.S. does not require companies to report how many rats, mice and birds are used for research in labs? An estimated 90% of lab animals being used are mice and rats. In labs they usually keep smaller animals in little shoe boxes.
It is so horrific how much beauty and cosmetic brands test on animals. Some of those brands include; Axe, Acuvue, Aquafresh, Chapstick, Clearasil, Dolce and Gabbana, Clorox, Dove, Estee Lauder, Green Works , Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Lancome, Mary Kay, Maybelline, Old Spice (as funny as those commercials can be), Purell, Secret, Skin ID, Vaseline and Neutrogena.
A representative from Olay which is a skin and beauty brand said via e-mail, “P&G products are used in homes five billion times a day around the world. We are committed to improving lives with high quality products, and ensuring they are safe for people and the environment. Animal research is an exceedingly rare event at P&G. Today, we complete more than 99 percent of all safety evaluations without testing on animals. The remaining tiny percentage comes from studies required by law or in cases where there are no alternatives available. We appreciate your dedication to this cause and support changes in laws and regulations around the world to reduce and eliminate unnecessary testing with animals.” Olay stated that only 1% of a HUGE company tests on animals but, even 1% can kill hundreds of animals in the process.

A representative from Neutrogena also was in contact with me via e-mail and they said “In the U.S., we are almost never required to do animal testing to support the safety of an ingredient. This is because the materials we use have been available for years (in some cases decades) and have been extensively tested and proven safe for use.” So far it sounds like they are cruelty free… “Unfortunately, animal testing is still a government requirement in some countries around the world where we market our products. In these situations, our products may undergo animal testing to meet the regulations of a specific country. We are working with other companies in the industry to provide data to regulators in these countries that still require animal testing to encourage them to discontinue this practice.” Neutrogena clearly conditions the fact that they partially test on animals. Even if the U.S.A almost never, requires them to test on animals, they still do it in other countries. When you are against something so huge like this wouldn’t you stop having products for sale in those countries? Today, it is all about the money.

So many scientists now-a-days though are against animal testing. Dr. S Ray and Jean Creek said, “Animal experimentation is not necessary. It’s expensive. It is inaccurate. It is misleading. It consumes limited resources. And further, it is detrimental to the very species it professes to be working help----humankind.” A lot of scientists are aggravated with the inhumane ways of testing products. Another scientist, Dr. Robert Mendelsohn says, “The reason I am against animal testing is because it doesn’t work; every good scientist should know that.”
Now-a-days not many companies avoid testing new and improved products or cosmetics on animals. Some companies that don’t test on animals are Victoria Secret, The Body Shop, Abercrombie and Fitch (perfumes), Urban Decay, E.L.F. Cosmetics, Wet n Wild, Almay and Bath and Body Works. The list decreases every day.
I was in contact with a representative from Bath and Body Works via e-mail. The representative responded; “Limited Brands, Inc. does not test its products on animals, nor does it request any of our third party manufacturers, or anyone else, to perform such tests on its behalf. We utilize ingredients in our formulations that are judged safe and we do not ask the supplier of those ingredients to perform any such tests on animals. Limited Brands, Inc. does not use any animal byproducts in its formulations where the animal is either slaughtered or harmed for the sole purpose of obtaining that material. We do condone the use of animal derived products where the animal is not harmed; for example, lanolin, milk, eggs, etc. Again, in keeping with our philosophy regarding the welfare of animals, Limited Brands, Inc. does not conduct animal testing, nor does it request suppliers to test on animals.” Bath and Body Works is an amazing beauty and body care brand. They are cruelty free and they are a great alternative to other leading brands. It is very important to support companies like E.L.F. Cosmetics, Wet n Wild, and Urban Decay because they are against animal testing and do not test their products on animals.
Why do people insist on testing on animals? Testing on animals should be banned or even taken to the next step; illegal. What have the animals done to us that causes us to take their lives to be able to have the next amazing makeup product? It is not worth it. Anyways, if some companies don’t test on animals, then others can to. I also believe that it shouldn’t be an excuse that only 1% of a company tests on animals. Do you know how many animals 1% of a company can kill? Did you know that even Christina Aguilera’s perfumes are tested on animals? Does she know this? Since celebrities are always talking about how they love their pets then why don’t they support the issue of animal testing?
You can help in a number of ways, by writing to companies, not buy the products that DO test on animals and donating money to various websites that support the issue of animal testing. When you help in even the smallest ways, it can really go a long way. Think about the little monkey or cat YOU can be saving. Remember, we can all be CRUELTY FREE!!!!

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece after I read online that Clean and Clear and Crest products test on animals. Those unfortunatly two of my favorite companies. This intrigued me to reaseach and write about comapnies that test products on animals.

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