Pandas and deforestation

September 14, 2011
By musicbri0803 BRONZE, Durham, North Carolina
musicbri0803 BRONZE, Durham, North Carolina
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Pandas are my favorite animal. Many people know that they are endangered. Most people know they are illegal to hunt. Chinese government has banned it for years now. But something people don’t take into consideration is the bamboo forests. Bamboo is a panda’s home and food. No food or home means no more Giant Pandas.
Pandas are a common symbol for a lot of things. In China a Panda is the symbol of peace. They are also the symbol for the World Wildlife Fund. So why did people try to kill Giant Pandas? When killing Pandas was not illegal, people killed them for their fur. Why would people want Panda fur? The fur used to, and in some places still is, used for highly expensive hats and coats.
So, if you want to know my point here, it is that if you want to bring back the Pandas you first have to reduce deforestation of bamboo in China. So tell everyone you know about deforestation, look it up, and make people aware of it. It will not only save the Pandas and Rainforrest, but trees and plants give off oxygen. Oxygen helps you breathe. So, save the Pandas, Rainforrest, and people, too. Say no to deforestation.

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