Nature's Promise

August 18, 2011
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All it takes is a step into the welcoming forest. A balancing breeze releases my spiraling thoughts while a tranquil stillness dawns upon my heavy heart. Trees tumble under and over; minty shades of emerald dancing and prancing along the lush forest floor. Clutters of clovers growing clumsily; uncontrollable ivy inching upward; sturdy branches hanging like arms reaching for a hug, beckoning me forward—a secret to tell. Little leaves whispering, tickling, shuffling against the wind. Whereas, some disobediently fall from the gentle grasp of the protective tree branches into the steady stream below, causing round ripples along its smooth surface. Bubbly birds chirping, sending music throughout the homey forest, inviting others to join. Fluttering butterflies, as if dipping to the beat of the rhythm, wander towards the warm milky scent of plumerias. And not long after, the seeds of the dandelions sway with the same grace as the little critters away from their stiff stems.

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