Global Warming

August 3, 2011
It’s my opinion that global warming is a natural occurring cycle. Having said this I also believe that humanity plays a part in this cycle. Whether we have simply made this cycle more or maybe even less severe we defiantly play a role.

One of the things that swayed me to this conclusion was the Ice Age. It shows that the Earth has gone through cycles like this before. That means that we can’t be the entire cause of global warming, but sense what is happening now is almost the exact opposite of the ice age and much less severe
it causes us to take a closer look.

Another fact behind my conclusion is how all things in nature are constantly evolving to survive within their environment. This makes me wonder whether or not nature is evolving as a whole to survive within itself. Maybe the changes in the temperature and weather are just parts of the metamorphosis it’s going to take for this big leap in evolution to occur.

My final reason for believing that global warming is not totally caused by nature or humans is that an event like this does not just happen. There is no way that humans could make this big of an impact on the environment on their own, and there is no way that nature would simply do this to itself. It takes two to do the tango.

Humans and nature have begun a change in the world. Whether this change will be catastrophic or just a part of life is yet to be known, but in time I’m sure we will.

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