What Goes Around, Comes Around

June 10, 2011
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Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour! That’s an average of 600,000,000 a day! Eventually, bottles will overflow landfills and will end u p going to the ocean. People should start recycling more to avoid this disaster.

There are many benefits to recycling. Recycling can save energy. If you are recycling newspapers and plastic that is a way to save energy because of not using the energy to make plastic from scratch. Recycling can help the world become cleaner, by taking trash off the streets. Getting the world healthy can make more space to create new jobs because there would be less landfills and so we save more money.

Recycling can save water,energy,trees,oil,and landfill space. If 1/10th of newspapers that we use were recycled we would be saving 25 million trees at least. This is important because trees create oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide. For every one ton of plastic that we recycle we save the equivalent of 2 people’s energy use for a year. We use around 80,000,000 aluminum cans everyday that we could recycle.

If you have a busy schedule, find a way to work around it by using a calendar or a planner to make time to recycle. There are many ways to create time so that you can recycle . Sometimes you don't really need time to recycle. Such as after you eat. You can recycle your food by putting into a compost. If you’re using plastic silverware you can either reuse it or recycle it. Save your bottles and bring them to the redemption center. If you work at a job that uses a lot of paper there are ways you can still recycle without getting ride of that paper.You probably can recycle that paper. There are other things you can recycle other than just paper, like aluminum,plastic,glass,or bottles.

If you are interested in recycling but just don’t know how to start, you can start by telling your parents that you would like to recycle or recycle more than you already do. Maybe if they’re interested you can get your parents to get involved also. Get involved with a group at your school or go green group outside of school. Tell your friends that they should get involved to so you can go green together.

Like you've heard before one person can always make a change. If you helped out by picking up trash around your area it could lower the percentage of landfills.

For every 6 water bottles we use only one of them gets to the recycling bin. That means 500,000,000 every day and every year ends up to be 182,500,000,000! Every year, Americans throw away enough paper, plastic cups, and spoons to circle the equator 300 times. If you don’t want trash ending up in the ocean, make a change by recycling.

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