Clean Up Rubbish Or Dead Animals, Your Choice

June 10, 2011
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“Jim can you take out the trash?”

(To myself), “If I wait long enough, someone else will take it out.”

“Jim, take out the trash I’m not asking you anymore, I’m telling you.”

“Why can’t Alana do it!”

Does this happen do you? I Know it happens to a lot of people. People are out there in the world thinking there are other people out there cleaning up the environment, but in reality everyone is thinking about this but no one is jumping to action (If only.) No one is doing anything to help this cause.

People who pollute don’t know how much they actually pollute in a year. A averaged size family (4-5 Family members.) pullouts an average of 30,000 non decomposable material every year, such as Plastic bags, Iron cans, metals, rubber, Etc.

In 1987, the U.S. released 1.2 million tons of toxic chemicals into our atmosphere, 670,000 tons into our soil, and 250,000 tons into our water. We’re polluting more and more over the years and that information has nearly tripled over the years up to 2010. First, The air pollution is making the O-Zone layer thinner and thinner over time. (This Protects earth from meteor showers and other extraterrestrial material.) The soil is getting worse over time as the pollution builds, making crops and food for both The homosepian and animals use to live, And finally waterways. The pollution is covering approximately 20% of the ocean. To have you know earth is 75% water but all that pollution is spread out so its hurting the ocean all over the place, the ocean keeps plants and animals, we’re not the only things that are important on this planet.

Think of this, a 3 ounce milk carton you bye at lunch doesn’t decompose for approximately 1 million years. But think there are bigger types of containers out there like gallons of milk that means it takes even more time to break down and decompose. But why not do something about it? Recycling: it helps the environment, in all ways possible. This is what I call “The Human race’s Biological massacre.” I call it this the human race’s massacre because animals cant pollute. We do and they would consider it as our fault and its a big problem in todays society. No matter what recycling helps and thats why we should do it.

Now, Imagine your dog, or any animal drinking from a pond and decides to go for a swim. The animal Jumps in and there happens to be a huge plastic bag there, floating in the water. The animal stumbles as the bag stays above the water for just a second. The animal tries to get off but the bag encloses the animal. As it encloses, the animal struggles and tries to get out as they float to the bottom of the pond. The animal gives up and take one more push and pull at the bag. Then the animal is in the water slowly and steadily, deceasing.

20 Million animals die in situations like this one every year. yeah, thats a lot of animals dying, because of us, and some of those animals I guarantee have died in you local areas no matter where you live. Take a plastic bag out of ponds and lakes, save an animal. Its not that hard if everyone pitches in we wont have many problems and animals wont get as endangered. But plastic bags are just one example of the major 20 million waste products that are in the Air, Ocean, And Land. There is just to many to list and explain.

Same with plants. I know I have been talking a lot about animals, but the same thing applies to plants too. okay think, you are unpacking your car from shopping and you drop a bag and it’s raining out. you grab the stuff and leave the bag out there the bag blows away and covers a endangered plant it now cant get sunlight and it dies. the bag stays there after the plant dies and nothing can grow there now. If the bag gets covered with dirt and something gets planted there the plant wont live for a wile because of these reasons, Well the first reason would be the roots would jumble up and have to pus through the bag and that would wastes some of the plants energy to move toward the sunlight and without that energy it doesn’t tun and doesn’t get sun light which means the plant starts to die. The second reason is that if theres a bag and it rains a lot, well the bag will keep in all the water by the roots and the plant will drown trying to take in all the water.Why do I have to clean up the environment when I’m gunna pass away when the earth does get hurt.

I herd someone say to me after reading my essay and aid “Why should I clean up the environment when I’ll be dead when earth “Breaks” Or a fatal accident happens because of waste, I should be enjoying life, not cleaning it for others that we don’t even know”, Well for one They will be your great grandkids out there and family members, you would be sharing your same blood,And for two, Well you have plenty of time to enjoy your life you have over 1 million days to live you don’t need to take any where near that to change the environment just pick up around your house when you go running or something. Make something of it.

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