Little Differences

June 24, 2011
By , Varanasi, India
It is not something hot to think about or ponder over but it is to tell you your little things has far reaching affects.

take for instance:

Close the tap while brushing. In each minute while you brush with tap open, you waste 7 liters of water.
Suppose if you brush for 10 minutes twice a day.
Therefore amount of water wasted in a day 2(10*7) = 140 liters
Therefore amount of water wasted in a year 140 *365 = 51,110 liters
Think if you just close the tap while brushing what difference you’ll make in the lives of the people who pace miles to get a bucket of water.

Turn off your AC’s when you leave the room then you could save up to 1 Kw of energy.
One kilowatt saved in a day. Therefore, in a year = 365 *1 = 365 Kw of energy which could be enough for two families.

Take a vow to plant a tree on your each birthday. See the difference it would make.
If everyone on this earth plant just one tree on his birthday then no. of trees planted in a year
Estimated world population * 1 = 6,775,235,700 * 1 = 6,775,235,700 trees
So we could get about 7 billion trees on this earth.

I suggest not following all the three recommendations but trying out just one will make a great difference. Pledge to save this earth. Remember the words of Lester Brown:
We have not inherited this earth from our ancestors but borrowed it from our future generation.

Now I pen off. This is my first article in Teen ink. I hope you like it.
Thanks a lot

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