We Need More Schools

June 16, 2011
Ever since Dorthea Dix helped make the mental illness reform in the mid-1800s, disabled children have been allowed to go to public schools with students who don’t have any type of disorder. Before the mental illness reform, disabled children used to be locked up in jails, and I bet going to school is so much better. When Congress put disabled children in public schools, they probably didn’t think of the negative outcomes of their decision. I believe that the school board should build new schools in which only disabled children get educated.

Because disabled children get bullied a lot, I believe that there should be schools for disabled children only. I personally have seen a group of boys in the cafeteria tripping a disabled boy that could barely walk and then laughing at him. That must have left a scar in the boy’s heart, especially if he gets bullied every day. One might say that the bullying rate for disabled children is very low because there are trained teachers looking after them. However, there is a high chance that the teachers get distracted away from a particular child. Whenever the special ed kids in my school walk into the lunch line, the teachers are too busy supervising the other disabled children. If disabled children went to school with students comparable to them, they wouldn’t have to worry about getting bullied.

If there were different schools for disabled children, students would pay more attention in their classes because disabled children can be huge distractions. Every year, about 30,000 seizures from disabled children occur in U.S. schools. School boards don’t allow hats in class because they’re “distracting”. Well, let’s compare a hat on somebody’s head to a student sitting next to you having a seizure. Which one could possibly be more distracting? If schools boards require students to keep their hats off during class, they should also create different schools for disabled children because they are just as, if not more, distracting as hats to a student’s education.

Furthermore, I am aware of the fact that disabled children don’t just get bullied and aren’t just distractions for children ready to flourish, but they can also be tremendously dangerous. Just a couple of weeks ago, my sister came home and told my parents about a disabled girl strangling a poor, little sixth grader for no fathomable reason. Every parent wants their child to be receiving a proper and safe education, but if there are disabled children hurting students in schools, children certainly won’t be able to obtain the type of education they deserve.

Some people might doubt that disabled children won’t get a real world experience if they’re stuck in schools with people who go through the same things they do. I utterly disagree with that! If disabled children are in their own schools, we can teach them how to handle life outside. That way, they will be able to prepare before they take a step out of their comfort zones.

I can’t think of a single reason that the school board should reject my proposal because I believe that I have made my position clear: for the safety and proper education of our nation’s children, we need to make more schools for disabled children. Looking back at how disabled children get bullied, the number of how many students get seizures in schools each year, and how dangerous disabled children can be, I hope that the school board will start preparing the construction for new schools right away!

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