June 12, 2011
By Anonymous

Of all the ways to “save the environment” that have been so forcefully introduced to the world, the least controversial is solar power. With massive energy harvesting capabilities and relative low cost, solar seems to go over well with most people. What with wind turbines blocking precious views, oil rigs vomiting their toxic sludge into gulfs, coal companies blowing up mountain ranges just to extract one of the most expensive energy-producing materials, and the recently demonstrated dangers of core meltdowns in nuclear plants, solar does seem to be the most logical choice.

Although we have made progress in recent years, there is so much wasted space in this country. The giant desert surrounding Las Vegas, for example, is being used for next to nothing. So much power is going to waste. Only a fraction of it is being harnessed by a plant named Nevada Solar One, the third largest solar pant in the world harnesses enough energy to power 14,000 homes per year, The plant also cuts down enough carbon-dioxide emissions to equate to taking 20,000 cars of the road annually. In addition to being “green” the plant generated over 800 jobs during construction, as well as thirty permanent operational jobs. With plants like these powering this country, a blow would certainly be dealt against the energy and economy crises.

But, plants are just the first half. For any actual progress to be made, the average consumer must embrace and adopt solar energy. Solar panels for individual homes are well on their way to becoming cheap, easy ,and cost-effective. Imagine, millions of homes twinkling rooftops, shining from them the future of fuel.

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