Shark mums “invest” in newborns

June 8, 2011
Shark mothers were believed to be selfish and apathetic, leaving pups to fend for themselves from once they are born. Most sharks after they birth their young leave them to live on their own and in some cases eat them. So they have a reputation of being bad mothers. They aren’t that bad of mothers because nature provides what they need to help the pups survive early life. Pregnant dusky sharks expend energy to provide this early food supply. The shark pups mostly survive on their own because of many factors. One is that they are born with super sized livers, supplying them with nutrients. The over sized liver is an important factor when it comes to surviving at an early age for these sharks. It doesn’t have to find food right away if it can’t. So it gives it time to look. Once the pups are born they are able to feed themselves there for these sharks aren’t bad mothers they are just careless.

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