Warmness of the World

May 22, 2011
By youngman BRONZE, Providence Village Aubrey, Texas
youngman BRONZE, Providence Village Aubrey, Texas
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The world is in danger. The earth is getting hot because of us. As we are using the car and factory, the global warming is becoming a serious problem. The most problem is people know truth that the earth is getting worse, but they still keep doing it. Actually we can’t stop using the car because especially, in America, everything is far away from the house, so we have to use the car. But we can stop making more factories so we can reduce the global warming. The ice is melting in Arctic. As the ice is melting, the earth is getting warmer. As we are losing the ice, the height of water is getting increase. And that can be the main problem of global warming because we are going to lose all continents in the world.
If we want to change the future, we have to start to do something now. Solar car is the one of great idea that can help. We wasted earth so much. We thought the earth is only ours it was human’s pride, human’s fault. The earth is not only ours but also natures. We should stop these bad things and helped the earth for our future.

The author's comments:
I feel really bad about global warming. That was why I wrote this.

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